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Saturday, July 1st on Harding
Tee Times

Independence Day
Friday, July 7th on Wilson

Sniegowski IX - Saturday, July 22nd on Harding
The Didrikson - Thursday, July 27th on Wilson


GPGC would like to thank the following members and friends for volunteering their time to help make the 100th LA City Championships a success:
Mel Locke, Ted Johnson, Dan Graham, Doug Busse, Mike Fraser, David Bullock, Steve Bloom, Tim Jolliffe, Greg Greenwood, Emily Greenwood, Jensen Lee, Michael Berumen and Jose Sanchez

Congratulations to Damon Krause on his 3rd place finish (286, -1) in the Championship flight of the 100th LA City Championships.

The Barber Shop will be closing at the end of July after 52 years!

Be sure to spend any outstanding scrip you may have in your account with them.


Latest Results
Locke/Brunsell def. Pritchard/Coronella 21 holes
Yeseta/Chung def. Karp/Dadci - 2up
Gallardo Finals set!
McGinnis/Busse vs. Yeseta/Chung
Strong Finals set!
Bravard/Li vs. Locke/Brunsell

Handicaps and player contact information
Duhon Bracket - Gallardo Bracket - Strong Bracket
Please go to your player page and pay your $20 entry fee.

Joe Dellarosa - 14.9 index - from N.J. State Golf Assoc.
Hime Herbert - 4 scores - from L.A.
Carolyn Kim - 24.9 index - from Hermosa Beach
Craig Rebovich - 10.1 index - from L.A.
 Robinson Moore-No Scores yet- from Studio City
Patrick Gorman - +1.0 temp. index - from L.A.
Bob Archer - 8.7 index - from Glendale


MGA team splits with Rancho.
Now have a 5-4-1 record.

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