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Lonnie Kelley our GPGC Masters Pool winner!
Final Results

Griffith Park Golf Club
thanks the following members for volunteering their time to help the Golf Division conduct the 2018 LA City Junior Championships.

Bryan Birge
Robert Fogarty
Phillip Gara
Dan Graham
Ted Johnson
Jensen Lee

We'll have more volunteer requests in June for the LA City Men's.

The 2018 Fourball Championship
Duhon - Gallardo - Strong
Contact list is here.
Read the rules here.
Please complete 1st round matches by April 29th.

Recent Results

Simko/String def. Barbani/McDermott 3&1
Leland/Uberuaga def. Smith/Bryant 1up
Ruiz/Echeverria def. Palffy/Harrison 4&3
Wabby/Santoro def. Anderson/Arbaugh 1up
Nemiroff/Geraghty def. Faieta/Roberts 5&3
Huffman/Fogarty def. Berumen/Kelley 36 holes
Pritchard/Coronella def. Brown/Yaeger 3&1
Cohn/Nguyen def. Harrison/Koehorst 4&2
Nimura/Pollock def. Bertens/Babcock 4&3
Ernske/Nicklaw def. Althouse/Dang 5&4
Meertins/Mullen def. Karp/Nobakht 4&3
Fadler/Chase def.
Casey/Moylan 21 holes


James Kang - 3 scores so far - from L.A.
Michael Perry - 7.9 index - from L.A.
Jim Yaeger- 28.7 index - returning GP Member
Marcus Gonzales- 4.8 index - Crystalaire CC
Ben Kaplan- 3.5 index -From Tiny Putters Golf League
David Geraghty - 6.8 index- from Silver Lake
Amir Nobakht - 2.4 - from Los Angeles
Daniel Gomes - 10.4 index  - from West Hollywood


MGA Update - Match #2
Sepulveda Seniors G.C. def. Griffith Park G.C.
48 to 24 Individual, 18 to 18 Team

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