Griffith Park Golf Club
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Hidden Valley Away Tournament
December 28th - 10AM
CLICK HERE to sign up
2 spots left!

Special thanks to Alex Alvarez
Organizer of the Toy Drive
benefitting Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Thanks to all the members and volunteers
for another great year of GPGC.

See you in 2019.
Please renew your membership.
  Invite some friends too.

2019 Schedule


Paul Brunton - 16.9 index - from Scholl Canyon GC
Adrian Huerta - no index yet - from L.A.
Fidis Bortignoni - 5 scores so far - from L.A.
Richard Watson - no index yet - from L.A.
Christopher Kesicbasin - 6.1 index - from Braemar CC
Ryan Cox - 16.7 index - from Rancho Park GC

Spencer Nikosky - 11.9 index- from L.A.


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