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Friday, June 22nd on Wilson
Individual strokeplay plus partner net cumulative.
Sign up with someone from the same old countries as your family and ancestors.
Sign up with a partner or a single, but be sure to mention in the comments which countries you represent.

Independence Day
Friday, July 6th on Wilson

The Jerry Barber Classic
The Wanamaker trophy is gone, but the spirit lives on.
Saturday, July 14th on Harding

Sniegowski X

"You guys come here often?" 

Saturday, July 21st on Harding


Damon Krause
Winner of the 2018 LA City Championship!

Honorable mention to Chuck Ruiz with a 5th place finish.
We also had some nice finishes in the flighted championship.

Thanks to the following members for
volunteering for the LA City Championships.

Mike Berumen
Steve Bloom
Ben Del Guercio
Ted Johnson
Marc Munoz
Richard Roberts

Thanks guys!  The club really appreciates you.

Senior Club Championship
Qualifying Standings


Duhon - Gallardo - Strong
Contact list is here.
Read the rules here.
Please complete 3rd round matches by June 24th.

Recent Results

Wabby/Santoro def. Nicklaw/Ernske 5&4
Nguyen/Cohn def. Ross/Chisholm 1up
Nimura/Pollock def. Kaplan/Fardell 2&1
Rinaldi/Temple def. Geraghty/Nemiroff  2&1


Chris Warren - 10 scores - 18.5 index from L.A.
Ben Del Guercio - 6 scores - 19.2 index from L.A.
Alexander Davis - 7 scores - 7.1 index from L.A.
Trey Batchelor - 10.9 index - from L.A.
Blue Yun - 15 scores - 9.8 index from L.A.
James Kang - 9.3 index - from L.A.
Michael Perry - 8.4 index - from L.A.


MGA Update - Match #3
Rancho Park Seniors G.C. def. Griffith Park G.C.
42 to 30 Individual, 19 to 17 Team

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