Barber Cup Point Standings
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Barber Cup/Player-of-the-Year points are awarded based on your NET finish within your flight

- Full field events award: 1st- 175, 2nd- 125, 3rd- 100, 4th- 90, 5th- 80, 6th- 70, 7th- 60, 8th- 50, 9th- 40, 10th- 30, and anyone lower than 10th- 10.  (Ties split points)
- Half field events award: 1st- 60, 2nd- 40, 3rd- 30, 4th - 20 and lower- 10.  (Ties split points)
- Some events have their own set of points based on the format

The Top 24 qualify for the 2017 Barber Cup in October (denoted by green shading).  Placing is based on "Points" column, tie breaker is "Events" column, followed by "Earnings" column.

The Top 3 point earners will receive Player-of-the-Year prizes for their performance.  Same tie-breakers as Barber Cup placing.  The prizes are as follows:

1st – FREE MEMBERSHIP for 2017, $150 SCRIP and your name engraved on the Charlie Chaplin trophy

2nd – FREE ENTRY in the XMAS Tournament and $100 SCRIP

3rd – FREE ENTRY in a regular tournament and $50 SCRIP

2017 Barber Cup Standings
Updated through Fall Season Kick-off