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MGA Team Play Match #3
Griffith Park G.C. vs. Rancho Park Seniors G.C. @ Harding
May 17, 2018
In bowling, when you get three strikes in a row it's called a turkey.  In golf, what is it called when you get FIVE birdies in a row?  Well if you want to know - just ask Greg Uberuaga, because he can call it whatever the F*^# he wants!  Yes, he birdied holes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in a row on Harding.  What an incredible display of golf for a gross 68.  Make sure you post that round buddy.  Will Urie showed up this morning all systems go.  Looked good before his round, looked even better after.  Will was our top point-getter, winning all 12 points available from his match.  He shot his best round of the year - 9 over gross, for a net 68.
Albert Grant shined as well shooting a gross 77.  Hits a gorgeous shot from from ~210 yds on #12 to four feet, below the hole.  Sinks the birdie.  Rookie Christian Rinaldi decided to come try this MGA thing out, only to shoot a GANGSTER-LIKE net 67.  Yeah Christian, you can come play with us anytime.  Frank Kornblatt made his debut of the season by shooting a smooth net 69.  What a tough guy Frank is.  The essence of the Grinder mentality.  Definitely glad he's on our side.
All the elements for a great day were there.  We were having fun, and high-fives were abundant.  But the Rancho Park Seniors came to spoil the party.  As good as we played, they went even lower - with seven guys shooting net 72 or better.  And when you add the fact we had EIGHT GP players giving 5 strokes or more in their match, when the music stopped, we were the ones left without a chair.
The result of today's effort was a 0-4 loss vs. Rancho Park Seniors G.C.  GP loses individual 30 to 42, loses team 17 to 19.  Will Urie gets the free round next time for bringing home 12 points.
All of our matches have been painfully close.  We lost team by just 2 points today.  Last month we TIED team 18 to 18.  That's like ONE putt not falling our way.  ONE bounce.  That's how close (and frustrating) it's been.  We have chosen a difficult game to love.  But of all the things that golf teaches you, one of the most important is resiliency.  It's all about how you bounce back after a bogey.
Our final home match of the regular season, will be vs. the combined Woodley Lakes/Hansen Dam Golf Clubs @ Wilson - Thursday, June 21.  This match will be limited to 10 players per side.  Then we'll finish the regular season on the road, at Rancho Park in July and at Sepulveda in August.  Let's continue to play hard.  We can still make the playoffs, and make our run to the title match in October.  You can update the player sheet anytime.  Will send a reminder a week out.
Jensen Lee
MGA Captain,
Griffith Park Golf Club
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