Golf Advisory Committee Update
Last Updated: 10/26/16

GAC (Golf Advisory Committee) report from 10/24/16
Griffith Park Golf Club had to go to the bottom of the well to find a representative to attend the Oct. 24th GAC meeting.  Our club's 2 regular reps (Miles Warner and Senior Rep. Mel Rogow) were unable to attend and alternate #1, Steve Bloom was still out of town, so I dusted off my note taking skills and tried to fill in.
1.  The November meeting has been moved up one week to 11/21.
2.  Laura Bauernfeind (acting Golf Gen. Manager) reviewed recent golf activity:
     a.  Work has begun at GP, Sepulveda and Rancho's short game practice areas.
     b.  They will be switching the nines at Hansen Dam on 11/1.
     c.  Creating/maintaining a walking path from tee to fairway at all courses.
     d.  Turf reduction is continuing.
     e.  Next year will be the 100 anniversary of the L.A. City Golf Championship.
     f.  There will be a 1/2 marathon in G.P. on 1/29.  Looking into a 7:00 AM shotgun event.
Submitted by Ted Johnson

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