Membership Information
Last Updated: 01/06/17

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION  The deadline to renew membership has been moved up to December 20 /2016 in order to insure that you will be in the computer system on January 1/2017. This date allows us to enter your information on-line which is a huge time, as well as, cost saver. Your member card and information will be mailed directly from SCGA to your home. Your membership will terminate on December 30/2016.  Members new to the Club will be instated on October 1 through December (getting up to an additional three months free!).  You may obtain membership by clicking here Griffith Park Golf Club.

  An important function of the Club is to establish a Registered Handicap Index.  Your Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) will provide you with a membership card. SCGA cards are issued each year. Your Handicap Index is your relative golfing ability.  Your handicap will change depending on the complexity of the course that you play, but your index won't change until the next update. Each course has a "slope rating" and "tee designation" handicap table versus index table for determining your handicap to a whole number at a particular course.

The score you are required to post in the computer at the Pro Shop may differ from the total number of strokes you have played. This corrected score to post is called your ADJUSTED SCORE and it is your total number of strokes played minus the sum of the difference between the  maximum allowable strokes for each hole compared to your actual strokes for that hole and according to the following:

                 Your Course Handicap                 Max Strokes allowed per hole

0-9                                                       2 over par

10-19                                                   7

20-29                                                   8

30-39                                                   9

40-49                                                 10

In tournament play, you can not enter your scores on your printed score card. Your playing partner will keep your score and you will keep his score. Enter the total strokes made for each hole. Add the "out" nine totals and the "in" nine totals and enter these amounts in the designated columns.  Add the two nine totals and enter the amount in the "Tot" column. Sign as the "scorer", date the score card and give it to your playing partner. When your score card is signed by the scorer you must review and "attest" your card as correct by signing your name. Post all rounds played including practice rounds of 13 holes or more, using par plus any handicap strokes supported by your handicap for the remaining unplayed holes. Assistance in calculating your score or posting your score may be obtained from Pro Shop personnel. Verify that your tournament score will be posted automatically by the Tournament Chairman when he uploads the hole-by-hole scores in the computer after a tournament.  If he doesn’t intend to automatically post your score, you must post it yourself.

The Club has dozens of  tournaments each year with Individual Stroke Play Format, that are played on both weekends and week days.   Most tournaments have prizes for Long Drive, Closest to Pin, Gross and Net Skins contests and Low Scores for multiple  Flights. There is a Christmas Shotgun Tournament with Banquet and General Club Meeting planned each year. The Annual Club Championship is held between July and September.  Members must have played in a minimum of three GPGC Tournaments during the year of the Championship to be eligible to compete in these tournaments.  Guests may be invited to play with a sponsoring Member a maximum of three times in a season but Guests may not be eligible for prizes except for special Guest Prize events that will be listed in the Tournament Description.  The Fee for Regular weekday Tournaments is around $40. On Weekends, fees are $45 or more for all categories. Carts are usually extra.   Prize money is redeemable by the winners at the Pro Shop in the form of merchandise and services of "The Barber Shop".  Special Tournaments, like the Jerry Barber Classic, may be set higher but will include additional amenities such as meal ticket, range ball token, tee prize and the like. The Annual Tournament Schedule and Tournament Results will be posted on the Men's Club Bulletin Board in front of the Pro Shop as well as our Web Site. The Courses for our tournaments are Griffith Park's Wilson and Harding Courses which are known as the most revered 18 hole courses in Los Angeles by the majority of golfers in the Metropolitan Area. There are three methods for reserving a tournament tee time. (1) DIRECTLY at the Pro Shop by paying the entry fee to Tom and Roger Barber's representatives. Your Full Name, Number and Name of Players in your foursome, Tournament Date, Tee time, Payment in cash or check will be entered on an envelope and its receipt. The envelope with payment will be retrieved by the Tournament Chairman and the receipt is to be presented by you to the sign-in representative at the tournament.  Reservations must be made 10 days prior to the day of the tournament. (2) INTERNET reservations may be made by going on-line at our Web Site and following the instructions to sign up for a tournament and paying by Visa or MasterCard credit card. Cut-off time for a tournament is 5:00PM, 10 days prior to the tournament (unless noted). You can post scores, obtain Course information through links, review the Club ByLaws, obtain Club forms, review recent Club News, Tournament Results, Tee Times, view your personal web page, feedback articles by members and view many other topics at the site. (3) MAIL your reservation request by providing the similar information above in item (1); include desired tee time and your email address or phone number for verification and include your personal check for the total amount made payable to GPMGC. Mail to the Tournament Director.  Mail must be received 10 days prior to the day of the tournament.  EMAIL is the preferred method of communication within the Club and is important in the daily operation of tournaments, membership and the interaction between members so keep your address current.  Email contact information:  Greg Bertens: