MGA Team News
Last Updated: 09/15/16
February 18th vs. Rancho Park:

You win some, you lose some... and that's exactly what we did. We won team and we lost individual. 

GP-RP on Harding
30 - 42 individual
22 - 14 team

Rancho had 5 guys shoot net par or under with 7 guys shooting net 73 or better, and one guy shooting a net 69. We had one net par or better with two total net 73's or better. The reason I bring this up is that what we accomplished as a team is awesome. We managed to play higher scores than them but still win the team. That shows teamwork and grinding -- pluck. So, good on us!

Big props to Albert Grant who shot a net 71, gross 80, beating their Captain for all 6 Individual points and all 6 team points. Albert brought his game and gets a free round next time we play MGA. Keith Prendergast was able to get 11 points, 5 individual and 6 team, so Keith will get half of his round covered. 

March 17th vs. Sepulveda Seniors:

Griffith defeats the Sepulveda Seniors 24/14 team, 38/34 Individual at Balboa.

Albert Grant shot a net 68 and Jim Sabbe shot a net 69. 

David Ferrara gets a free round next time as he closed out his opponent and won team 6 and 6. Dan Grody, our co-captain gets the half round covered.

April 18th vs. Hansen Dam
We won and by that I mean we wiped the floor with them. I hate to say it that way because they were the nicest guys on earth, but it's true. We made pesto!

Our boy Roy (Andries) went 6 and 6 and so did Dana Fadler-Spilos. Roy had the lower net score so he'll get a free round and Dana will get the half round at our next encounter. Also notably, Jim Sabbe came in at net 69 and Peter Pritchard shot a net 70! We had FOUR other net par rounds. 

The huge point haul helps us to catch up to Rancho's margins which could be a factor if we continue to be tied with them.

May 19th vs. Woodley Lakes

Well Grinders as per usual we won!

We defeated the poor souls who came from their goose infested lot to play the great Wilson, 47-13 individual and 25-5 team.

Miles Warner, Dan Grody, Jim Sabbe and Brian Welsh all shot under net par, with Brian shooting a gross 73!

Peter Pritchard, who shot a solid net 74, had the good fortune to play an opponent who shot a net 89, and so Mr Pritchard brought home 12 points and gets a free round at our next match. Brian Welsh will get the half round with his heroic 73 and 11 points earned.

June 16th vs. Sepulveda
We done beat 'em,  44-28 Ind and 25-11 Team!

What does it feel like to shoot a net 64? Ask Dana Fadler-Spilos! He brought home 6 and 6 and will get his next round on the club.

Also notably, Steve Bloom shot a net 69 and six other guys shot below net par. I guess that course is just too easy for us :)

Sepulveda had 3 net 68's and a net 69 with 8 guys shooting net par or better, which shouldn't really happen, especially on their own course. But I guess so did we, so... maybe it was just an easy day out?

In other news, and this is not official yet, word on the street is that Rancho split with Sepulveda Seniors, which means that after today we are solely in first place! Nice work Sepulveda Srs! 

We look forward to July 21st @ Rancho Park, where we will finalize our victory as Champions of this year's MGA.

Thanks to everyone who played, it was a great day out!

Miles & Dan

July 20th vs. Rancho Park


We marched on the great hills of Rancho Park. After 7 hours of bloody combat, each side bringing the best they could muster, we walked away with a split. They won individual (42-30) and we won team (16-20). The same thing happened when they came to GP. It is ultimately a victory for us, as we retain our status as the current Champion in the rotation.

It is of note to me, that we have won team each time, even when losing individual. It is a testament to the cohesiveness and good attitudes of our crew. A bunch of good dudes!

Steve Bloom went out with a ferocity uniquely his own and defeated their captain, shooting an 82, net 68 and brining home 5 team and 5 individual. He will play on the house at our next encounter. What could they do with Bloom charging at them full speed!?

Dan Grody, had a tremendous round, shooting 79, net 68 as well. He came in 6 ind, 3 team and will get half the round covered. 

Also notable: Cass McEntee shot 79, net 70. Brian Welsh, fresh off the plane from Scotland's finest, shot a 75, net 72 and your very own captain, Miles Warner shot an 86, net 72.

We triumph onwards. Our next encounter is against Woodley Lakes at Woodley on August 18th. Please if you didn't get a chance to play today, let me know and you'll get out for sure next month. Update here: Availability Sheet

That is all for now. Oh yeah, and Roy managed to make on time!

August 18th at Woodley Lakes


Oh what a day out there in that Goose infested pancake. We tried-- we played excellently, shooting in order NET: 73, 70, 69, 71, 70, 71, 67, 71, 70, 67. But it wasn't enough to over come the massive stroke differential, averaging 6 strokes per player and more in team competition. This is not an excuse, we lost, but man we lost playing really well. What can you do?!

Notably, Brian Welsh shot a gross 72 par. Cass McEntee and I both shot the net 67's. Jim Sabbe is our free round winner, taking home 8 points and Cass will get the half round 6 points total.

I fear we will drop to second place in the MGA standings, which means we will have real work ahead of us. But if we keep playing like we did today, we'll surely come out ahead.

Take a moment when you can to update your availability for September 15th against Hanson Dam at Balboa here: Availability spreadsheet

Until next time, keep on grinding!

September 15th at Balboa against Hansen Dam


The Marauders from the East were out numbered and out played. Our victory was swift and definite--we broke the Hansen Dam!

Champion Brian Welsh shot a 73 gross and we had several net pars on the day. Andy Ross takes the free round, scoring all 12 points, with a 80/72net! His partner, Paul Koehorst takes the half-round at our next encounter. 

Unfortunately, Rancho also won today, so our chances at regaining our place atop the leader board narrow. All we can do is win, and we did!

The next match will be October 20th, at Wilson against the Sepulveda Seniors. Those seniors are tricky so we'll need to muster ourselves and take care of business. Here is the Availability spreadsheet, let us know if you're available:

Also, check out the SCGA team tournament, captained by Greg Bertens. It's a lot of fun and you'll be playing courses all over SoCal. Here is a spreadsheet with all of the dates, where you can add availability:

Until next time, keep on grinding!