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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my handicap listed for the next tournament, lower than my current index?

GPGC keeps a "GPGC tournament handicap" in addition to your "SCGA current" and "SCGA year low indexes".  When we play tournaments you recieve the lower of your GPGC tournament handicap or the handicap your current GHIN indexes would produce.  Also, for some major tournaments we use the lower of your GPGC tournament handicap or the handicap your low year GHIN index would produce. The scores used for a Tournament Handicap are only used as a barometer. The Griffith Park Board and Handicap Committee have the final say on issuing a Tournament Handicap.

How do cardoff tiebreakers work?

Ties are broken using the same system the USGA uses.  Back nine score being the number one tiebreaker.  BUT handicaps are calculated differently for tie-breakers.  For example say Player A had an 8 handicap and shot 40 on the back nine for a net 36.  8 handicap divided by 2 gives him a back 9 handicap of 4 so he does shoot net 36.  BUT Player B is a 9 handicap, which is 4.5 after division, then round up so his back nine handicap is 5 not 4.  So if he shoots a 41 on the back (for tie-breaking purposes only) his back nine net is also 36.  The players are still tied, so then it goes to the last 6 holes, still tied, last three holes, etc.

Where and when are the tee times posted for tournaments?

The tee times can be found in the left hand column of the main page.  They can be posted anywhere from 1 week prior to the tournament to 1 day prior, depending on how the tournament is selling and how busy the tournament director may be.

Do I post my score after a tournament?
If it is a GPGC tournament, your score will be posted by the Handicap Commitee. Please refer to the policies and procedures page for more info on score posting and handcap policies.

I should have finished in the top 3 for both gross and net, why did I only place in one
In order to keep things fun, fair and maximize the amount of winners, we only allow you to place in one of the two categories.  The computer calculates which category you would have finished highest in and places you there.  When a player finishes first in both categories, the default is to place that golfer as the winner of low gross.

Can I play with my friends?
Of course.  When you sign up, just mention in the comments box who you would like to play with, however the GPGC Tournament Director ultimately holds the right to assemble all foursomes to protect the integrity of our tournaments.  The Marty Tregnan Memorial Tournament and the Christmas Tournament are our only 2 regularly scheduled guest tournaments when you can have non-GPGC member friends sign up to play with you.  From time to time we will open other tournaments up to non-members and our by-laws state non-members can play a maximum of 2 tournaments per year.

Can a player get multiple strokes in the net skins game?
No.  The net skins game is capped at a maximum of 1 stroke per hole.  For example a 19 handicap would not get 2 pops on the number 1 handicap hole when calculating the winners of net skins.

I see there is a "reserved time" on the posted tee times page, can I move to that time
No.  "Reserved times" are the way the city structures their tee times.  Tee times are listed as being every 6 minutes, but the 2 "reserved" or dead times (every :24 and :54 of the hour) actually make them every 8 minutes.  You can contact the city if you want to spend time on this mystery, but there are many more unsolved mysteries in the world to spend your time on.

What happens if I miss a tournament that I paid for? 
GPGC enforces a 12-hour cancellation policy.  If the tournament is sold out we lose being able to give the spot to another Club member who would've liked to play.  We reserve our tournament's tee times with the city and without early notification we cannot always return them to the city.  In the end, no-shows and non-withdrawals leave it to our Membership's general fund to cover the costs.  For those who have not paid ahead of time and do not withdraw, they will be liable for the missed tournament's costs before being able to play in another tournament.  If you cancel within the allotted 12 hours, you will be given a credit to use towards your next tournament.

Who runs GPGC and is this their job?
GPGC is a non-profit organization that is run by an elected board of directors.  The board of directors are unpaid, but do get a discount on tournament play in return for the time they put into the club.  Board members serve 2 year terms and a nominating committee is formed during election years to collect nominations of members that may be elected to serve on the board.

Why do tournaments cost more than the normal green fees?
All the extra money collected goes towards prize payouts.  Every tournament breaks even after paying for greens fees and payout in prizes.  Sometimes GPGC merchandise is included and distributed for tournaments as well.

I placed in long drive or finished in the top 3, how do I collect that prize listed?
Those categories are paid in tournament credit.  You can find your account balance here. The usage of credit is explained on the tournament credit page.

How does Closest to the Pin work in GPGC tournaments?
All tournament players are automatically entered in the CTP (Closest to the Pin) awards on Par Three holes.  Not all tournaments have CTP contests.  Pay outs are the same as above for Long Drive and finishing in the top three.

How do I collect my skins winnings?

All skins winnings are paid at the next tournament you attend.  Sometimes when we play on the road we might not bring the skins payouts and pay you at the next home event. If skins are not claimed within a year of the event the club will consider them a donation.  Also, please note that $1 from each skins entry is put into the club treasury as a club service fee, however all funds collected from the fee are spent exclusively on the club to help fund other GPGC events or pay for tee gifts, swag giveaways, etc.

Which tournaments does the club consider majors?
There are currently 3 tournaments that have trophies on display in the club house which winning those tournaments will get your name on.  The Marty Tregnan Memorial Trophy is the club championship.  There is an unnamed trophy representing the winners of the Fourball Championship.  Then there is the Jerry Barber Cup, which bears the names of the winning President's Cup team members and captain each year.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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