Tournament Cancellation Policy and Disclaimer
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Tournament Cancellation/No Show Policy:
Please provide notification at least 12 hours before the first tee time in order for us to replace your spot with another player or adjust groupings.  That notification is to be sent or telephoned to the tournament point for that particular tournament.  Failure to do so at least 12 hours in advance will result in the member being responsible for paying their tournament fee even though he/she didn’t play.  If the member had not paid for the tournament in advance, the tournament fee will be added to the next tournament’s fee and will need to be paid beforehand to be allowed to play.  If some truly unforeseen circumstance comes up at the last minute, common courtesy demands the member contact the tournament point person, even though the member understands he/she can’t play and will incur the cost as mentioned above.

This policy is to protect the membership at large from incurring costs for individual members who do not show and who do not withdraw.  Many tournaments sell out too and there is a waiting list of those ready and able to play in that spot.