Tournament Credits
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Tournament Credits are how we pay out tournament winnings (not skins.)  You “collect” on your winnings by using your Tournament Credits as described below. 

The Current Balance column on the right reflects your total, made up of rollovers from the previous year such as winnings from the Christmas shotgun (Starting,) refunds, winnings, and redemptions.  The Refunds column reflects credits for tournament withdrawals and cancellations you’ve paid for as we don’t issue actual refunds.   Winnings is your tournament winnings, including closest to the pin and long drive payouts; it does not include skins.  Redemption reflects credits you’ve used.

The primary way you use Tournament Credits is to pay your tournament entrance fee, or cost.  To redeem credit for a tournament, you must have enough in your current balance to cover the entire cost—no partial payments.  All redemptions to pay tournament costs must be made prior to the tournament, preferably by requesting to “pay with credit” in the comments box during signup.  Sorry, but tournament credits cannot be redeemed at any tournament check-in tables.

Any remaining balance by the time of the annual December Christmas shotgun tournament & annual meeting must be used in one of three ways: to pay for your next year’s membership renewal; or to buy gift cards; or to donate to the Griffith Park Golf Club.  Should you fail to choose one of these, then you will be deemed to have chosen to donate, for which the Club sincerely thanks you for your gracious and generous donation.

Tournament Credits updated 9/5/20