Senior Discount
last updated:  07/14/19  |  Total Club Page Views:1,648,502
ATTENTION SENIORS: specifically those who have a Los Angeles City Golf Players Card issued to you after you proved your senior status--available to those 60 and older.

As you know, City offers a senior discount for weekday play to those with Senior Player Cards.  We pass that discount on to you on our weekday tournaments, provided you pay by cash or check upon check-in.  

The on line system doesn't have the capacity to charge only the discounted price, so when you pay on line, you pay the full tournament price.  Nor does the system have the capacity to issue refunds.  Since the process of running any given tournament is a lot of work and already complex enough, we don't want to try to issue refunds via the tournament credits method.

So, to get your senior discount on our weekday tournaments, you must pay by cash or check upon check-in.  If you pay the full price by paying on line, the club thanks you for your kind donation.