Covid updates
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**Update 8/09/20
Yesterday many GPers participated in a charity event for beloved member Paul Koehorst, to help him with some of the medical costs he’s incurring in his recovery from pancreatic cancer. The guy is a stud. Not only did he come out to say hi to the field, but played a couple holes in which he hit a couple choice shots that most of us can’t pull off in full health (birdied 17 and almost birdied 18). It was just so great to be out there with Paul and Mollie, the membership and his friends yesterday - the positive vibes were palpable and the camaraderie strong. Big thanks to organizers Jensen Lee, Michael Leland and Steve Simko for putting on such a thoughtful and enjoyable event, including that a post-round raffle that rivaled our own GPGC Xmas raffle. You can see some photos here. If you weren’t able to make it yesterday, but still interested in donating contact to Paul contact Jensen Lee.

In other news, at our board meeting last Tuesday we got word that LA County may start allowing group bookings, which would give us a chance to start hosting events at our home courses, but we’ll believe that when we see it! In the meantime we’ll continue to schedule GPGC events at some of the top neighboring courses. Next week (Friday Aug 21) we’re hosting an event at Olivas Links. We added some times, but it looks like those sold out quickly (link to the wait list here). We’ve also got an event at Soule Park in September we’ll be putting on sale soon as well as a couple more events in the works. And don’t forget about our rescheduled 9th Annual two-day Palm Springs Desert Classic Oct 3-4 - that’s coming up quick and will go on sale soon!

And lastly a little press - no surprise to us here, but it looks like our tracks are getting some love from the golfing community. 

A safe and healthy August to you and your families, see you on the course.
- Greg and the board

**Update 7/11/20**

We had our monthly board meeting on Tuesday July 9. While I would like nothing better than to tell you we're going back to normal and resuming our 2020 season imminently, unfortunately we're still unable to book events through the city and more importantly still in the middle of pandemic that's affecting all aspects of life. Just as in our everyday lives, we as a club are having to do things a little differently and adjust our expections. That said, we're thinking about you! We have an amazing board that is totally committed to doing whatever it can to bring some golfing joy to our members. Golf is open for business, our courses are in beautiful condition and we want to get you out there in a safe way.

Our first round of the Fourball Championship has been completed. Here are the current standings. Second round must be completed by July 15th.

As for what's next - even though we're unable to put together much of an advanced schedule due to the way golf is being booked right now, and the shifting status of public health, we do plan to announced more GPGC tournaments in and around Los Angeles soon. One event that's booked is our Palm Springs Desert Classic for Oct 3 & 4. We're also working hard to host our Club Championship this year. And it's looking like we'll have a small event at Simi Hills in the next few weeks. Other than that all I can say is more coming soon, stay tuned.

Take care, continue to stay safe, and hope to see you soon!
Greg Bertens
GPGC President

**Update 5/7/20**

The reservation system is now available, go here to book your times.

As a club we are not allowed to book any tournaments yet, but some members booked some morning times on Wilson for Opening Day this Saturday between 7-9am and are going to be putting together a net/gross skins game. Space is limited so it's a first come basis, if you're interested write me and I'll pass on your name to the organizer.

**Update 5/6/20**

For those of you who couldn't attend our Zoom board meeting last night there were a couple important takeaways from our guest presentations that we want to share with you:

1- LA County will be making an announcement on the reopening of courses "sooner than you think." We will send an email to the club as soon as we get word that the reservation system has opened. There will be no walk-ons, reservatons only.
2- Respect the rules of social distancing. Golf is one of the first industries to reopen so the world will be watching how we conduct our business. Don't hang out before or after your round - pay, play, go home! 

For the near future the City is not booking any tournaments on it's courses, but we are looking into what a limited field, social distance GPGC event at an away course might look like. We're also looking into another virtual poker event since our last one was such a success. And if you have any final submissions for the GPGC golf trick shot video content on our Facebook page you better get that in soon, entries are about to close.

More info from us, the SCGA and LA City to come soon, stay tuned.
Greg Bertens

**Update 4/20/20**

Many of you have been asking for information about the eventual reopening of the GP courses. Today (April 20th) the City of Los Angeles' Dept of Recreation and Parks Golf Advisory Committee met for a virtual meeting where information was shared on this and related topics. Thanks to board member Steve Bloom for his detailed notes below. 


Golf Manager Report: Laura Bauernfeind:


1.   Courses remain closed, but with maintenance staffing at normal levels.  Cart barn and range staff have been reassigned to other duties within Rec and Parks.  Greens, tees, and some fairways punched.  Bunkers worked on.  Lots of maintenance being done that there isn’t normally time for.  Course managers and starter staff are also working on a variety of projects they otherwise normally can’t get to.

   There is no answer yet to when the courses will reopen.  (She says the fact that City is using City employees is a distinct advantage just now—that County, where all courses are contracted out, aren’t being as well maintained as much of the staff is/was furloughed/laid-off.)  When they do reopen, expect:

a.   if carts are allowed, they’ll be single rider;

b.   12 minute intervals to avoid bunching up, and at split times at GP and Sepulveda (8:00 and 8:12, say, on Wilson while 8:06 and 8:18 on Harding;)

c.   Plexiglas between starter and the public;

d.   a methodology to accept prepayment of greens fees on line for those who want to do so;

e.   nothing that can be touched—no rakes, no ball washers, no sand bottles, no fountains, no benches/tables;

f.     foam noodles in the cups;

g.   pins to be left in the cup;

h.   take-away food and drink only;

i.     ranges probably open but with restrictions to avoid congregating;

j.     practice areas—chipping, putting—closed;

k.   no walk-on or walk-up play—reservations only.

3.   Construction continues at GP and Penmar.  At GP the subfloors have been replaced, the restaurant and bar framing has been done, and “they’re making good progress.”

4.   The City Men’s Championship and the City Women’s Championship will be postponed, as opposed to cancelled; the other championships probably will be cancelled.

5.   There will be no tournament, or club, play “for the time being.”  They’ll be guided by LA County Health, so that group play will start when restrictions on gatherings ease.

We'll be sure to inform you of any further updates as they become available. In the meantime please continue to be safe and stay healthy. 

**Update 3/22/20**


As of midnight 3/21/2020 LA courses have been officially closed by LA County health officials. Players who have prepaid for St. Patty's Shamble, 36 Hole Stroke Play Championship and The Desert Open events will be issued credits to their GPGC account. Please allow us a few days to reconcile these credits. We're looking to reschedule these cancelled events to later in the year and will be in touch about our upcoming schedule in the coming days, including extending deadlines for Fourball matches. Any questions regarding this please contact me directly.

Nothing is as important as your health and safety, please follow the recommendations of public officials as we move through this difficult time together. Know that as soon as this clears we'll be the first back out there, but in the meantime let's stay positive and keep in touch via our social accounts, texts and calls.

Take care friends,
Greg Bertens
President, GPGC

**Update 3/13/20**

As we are all aware there is great concern about the spreading coronavirus both worldwide and here at home in Los Angeles. Our members' safety is our number one priority. Following the advice of public health officials regarding social gatherings, and the lead of professional sport organizations as well as the SCGA, we are suspending all GPGC events until further notice. This suspension includes events currently on sale — St. Patty’s Shamble, 36 Hole Stroke Play Championship and the Desert Open — as well as all upcoming events on the calendar. For now, any signups/payments made for upcoming events will be stored for a possible reschedule of those events. In the case of the Fourball Championship, it’s possible members can play and report their self-scheduled matches, but we will be extending Fourball deadlines based on what we learn in the coming weeks. 
This is a very fluid situation that we will be monitoring over the coming weeks. I will be in touch as information comes in as it applies to our club. 
Please be safe out there, wash your hands frequently and try to enjoy this time with your families.
If you have any questions please contact me directly.
Greg Bertens
President, GPGC

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