Fourball Championship Policy
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The Fourball Championship is governed under USGA Rule 23, which can be found in the 2019 USGA Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf.
This is a MATCH PLAY tournament. In summation, there are two players on each team. Each man plays to 70% of his low index for the past year as established by the GHIN Handicap System. This index will be locked for the entire tournament.

Tees for each match played can be decided by the two teams playing.  If an agreement can not be reached it will default to A flight matches playing from the back tees and B and C flights playing from the middle tees of the course being played.  (On Wilson or Harding, A flight would default to the black tee while B would default to blue and C would default to the white tees)

A handicap table is provided near or next to the SCGA posting computer at all regulation golf courses. Use the handicap table to determine your handicap for that course based on your tournament index and tee markers you've selected to play from.

This is a net best ball tournament. Player A and Player B are on one team, Player C and Player D are on the other team. All players will play off the lowest handicap player of the group. Example:


Player B would have a stroke on each of the three lowest handicap holes, Player C on the four lowest handicap holes, and so forth. This tournament is a four-ball match play competition where two competitors play as partners, each playing his own ball. The lower score of the partners is the score for the hole. Each team will use the ball that has the best NET score for the hole. If one partner fails to complete play of a hole, there is no penalty.

A team may not have a player that recieves more than one stroke per hole against any opponent.

The tournament is scheduled to begin March , 2020.  You may also schedule further matches beyond the first round within other Griffith Park tournaments, however if you choose to do so you will need to contact Doug Busse and request your match to be paired in a foursome and you will not be eligible for that tournament play, however you may use a tee time at the back of the field.

Initial pairings in each flight shall be determined by the blind draw. The deadline for entries is March , 2020 but the tournament could sell out prior to the deadline.  Pairings, brackets and player contact information will be posted on the Fourball Championship Team list and continue to update as we approach the tournament.

This self-scheduled tournament will run from March until June or July based on number of entries. GPGC does not mandate but encourages that one of the team members have a current City of Los Angeles Golf Reservation Card in order to schedule tee times at any of the City golf courses.  Rounds may be played at any golf course (including non-city courses) that players from both teams agree upon.  If the two teams cannot reach an agreement on a course, the match defaults to Wilson Golf Course.

The finals must be played on Wilson Golf Course.

When the winners of each flight have been determined, the B and C flight teams shall represent 
Griffith Park at the SCGA Four-Ball Net Championship scheduled in August/September. The "A" flight champions will represent Griffith Park in the SCGA Four-Ball Championship.

This tournament is open to GPGC Members who are (a) members in good standing as of March  2020, (b) who have an established low index, and (c) who have competed in at least 2 GPGC sanctioned tournaments within 12 months prior to this tournament.  The committe may waive the 2 tournament requirement for players that attempted to fulfill the requirement, but have a valid handicap and failed to complete 2 tournaments for various reasons.  In the event you do not have a partner to play with as a team, you may still sign up as a single in need of a partner.  Players that sign up as singles will be listed on the website with handicap and contact information so that other singles may suggest a partnership.  On March 1st any players remaining on the list will be paired by the tournament director. We reserve the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. We reserve the right to reject the entry of any applicant, at any time, for any reason. Any decision that is made in any matter, shall be final.

Because the club deems this a major tournament, all competitors will be required to use 70% of their established "Low Index" during the entire tournament for purposes of establishing the player's stroke handicap. All players play off to the lowest handicap among the competitors, there is a MAXIMUM differential limit of five (5) strokes between the two partners in one team.  You may still partner with someone whom has a handicap differential of more than 5 strokes than your own, but the player with the higher handicap will be lowered to 5 more than the low partner.  Handicaps should also be adjusted so that no team has a player recieving more than one stroke on a hole.  In other words any differential in player A to D may not be greater than 18.

Entry to the tournament and payment of the team fee will be made available online. You will be required to pay the $25 per person fee. This $25 fee covers only your contribution to the prize pool.  It does not cover your greens fees for any matches. You also need to identify your partner at time of registration in the comments section.  If you do not have a partner to form a team, just pay your individual $25 fee and type "NEED PARTNER" in the comments section of the registration form.

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to contact each other and select an agreeable date and time to play your stipulated round of golf, then make a tee time and play.  Each round of play will be given a 3 week time period to complete the match.  If matches are set prior to the start of that rounds play, the two teams can elect to play early.  Extentions can also be granted, but you will need to inform the tournament director of the delay and report a reason and date of reschedule.  If the tournament director feels any team has not made a proper effort to complete a match, he may declare the opposing team winners.  Players are encouraged to play their match at Griffith Park Golf Courses, but matches may be played on any 18-hole championship length golf course that is acceptable to both teams.  All competitors shall exercise due diligence in the selection of golf course for play, make good faith effort to complete the round within the deadline, and report the results via email to the Tournament Director within twenty four (24) hours after completion of the round of golf.  A cancellation of an agreed upon date must be made at least 24 hours prior to the tee time or it will need to be agreed upon by the opposing team.  A cancellation within less than 24 hours without the agreement of the opposing team yields a default.  A team is only granted one cancellation of an agreed upon tee time for the course of the entire tournament.

There may be an occasion when one team member will be late or may not be able to play at all. In that event, the lone remaining team member may play the other team by himself, but he is only allowed to play his one ball.

All play shall be in accordance with four-ball match play in the USGA Rules of Golf. It is the responsibility of each partner to know the rules of four-ball match play and how they differ from regular stroke play.

Competitors shall agree to one of the following permissible tie breaker methods PRIOR to commencing play:
1. Playing another 18 hole match, so long as this match is completed by the posted deadline, or
2. Resume play immediately, if permitted by course operator, and continue play hole-by-hole until a hole is won. Players shall receive the same strokes on the same holes they had in the first eighteen holes, or
3. Use a CARD OFF method to determine the winner, beginning with the last hole and moving backward until a winner is determined, or
                           4. A coin flip to determine the winner

Competitors choosing to play at Griffith Park Golf Course shall be familiar with and follow the pace of play policy to avoid penalty for slow play.

This is a two-way payout structure.  The First Place team in each flight will receive 75% of the prize pool from their flight. Second Place teams will receive 25%.  Amount is TBD based on number of entries.

Any team eliminated in the first round will receive 200 Charlie Chaplin Cup points (100/player). The teams that are eliminated in the second round will receive 400 points (200/player). The teams that are eliminated in the semi-finals will receive 600 points (300/player). 2nd place team receives 800 points (400/player) and the Champions are awarded 1,000 points (500/player).