The Charlie Chaplin Cup
Last Updated: 07/14/19
THE CHARLIE CHAPLIN CUP is a season-long player of the year race designed to find the best player of 2019. Throughout the year, you will receive points based on both your NET and GROSS finish in your flight. This race culminates in a FedEx Cup style PLAYOFF SYSTEM played in the fall.

** The point system will also be used to determine the 24 players receiving invites to the 2019 President's Cup Matches in October. **

The top 50 will qualify for the first round of the playoffs on Saturday, September 21st (within the Fall Season Kickoff Tourney). There will then be a cut to 32 players for the semi-finals which takes place Saturday, October 26th (within the Halloween Tourney). The last cut will decide The Final 16 who reach the finals on Saturday, November 9th (within the Turkey Shoot Tourney).

Similar to the Tour Championship in the Fedex Cup, before the finals, our top 16 players will have their points reset to zero and reseeded.

Who is going to take down the cup??


*Your combined GROSS and NET finish in each tourney will make up the year-long standings of the Charlie Chaplin Cup.

PLAYOFFS BEGIN: 9/21/19 -- TOP 50 (combined GROSS/NET)
SEMI-FINALS: 10/26/19 -- TOP 32 (combined GROSS/NET)
FINALS 11/9/19 -- TOP 16 (one flight, NET only)

*All individual ties split points. (Ex: Bob shoots the low round at 73. Dan, Steve and Joe all shoot 74 and Frank shoots 75. Bob would take 1st place points. Dan, Steve and Joe ALL take 2nd place points. And Frank takes 5th place points, etc)

*For team events, players split the reward.
 (Ex: Felipe and Raul win the Fourball Title, which awards 1st place with 500 points. They each receive 250 points.)

*Half-Field Events are run on Wednesday and Thursday. Full-Field Events are run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On occasion, tournaments may be upgraded or downgraded due to turnout.

*Anyone who scores worse than 16th place in a half-field event and 22nd place in a full-field event (or a major) will take home 16th and 22nd place points, respectively. 

*Points for the Club Championship are as follows. The cumulative 36 hole qualifier will be scored as a full field event (250 total points possible). If you qualify for the match play (TOP 8) then you receive 100 points. You also receive 100 points for each victory in matchplay. So a full sweep wiill earn you a grand total of 650 points. The biggest point haul of the year. Let us know if you need help lifting that trophy!

*The Official Majors are the Stroke Play Championship (4/5-4/6), The Four Ball Tourney (March-June), The Club Championship (9/6, 9/7, 9/8), the first round of the Playoffs (9/21) and the Semi-Finals (10/26).

*After the semi-finals, points reset to zero and the top 16 get reseeded with the below
point structure.

*For the Top 16 in the finals- you will all play to your 2019 year low handicap adjusted to Wilson. The finals is NET ONLY. There will be no point pay out for gross. Everyone in the top 16 plays from the SAME TEES (Blues) regardless of the Turkey Shoot setup.

*Tiebreakers in the finals will be based on GP's current CARDOFF procedure. Back Nine, Back Six, Back Three, etc.

*Only the top 4 seeds “The Final Four-some” can guarantee themselves an overall 
championship with a win in the finals. But if not, anyone in the final 16 can win. 


                                       GROSS and NET Payouts
Half-Field Full-Field Major 
1st   62.5 1st   125 1st   250
2nd   50 2nd   100 2nd   200
3rd   42.5 3rd   85 3rd   170
4th   35 4th   70 4th   140
5th   30 5th   60 5th   120
6th   27.5 6th   55 6th   110
7th   25 7th   50 7th   100
8th   22.5 8th   45 8th   90
9th   20 9th   40 9th   80
10th   17.5 10th   35 10th   70
11th   15 11th   30 11th   60
12th   12.5 12th   25 12th   50
13th   10 13th   20 13th   40
14th   7.5 14th   15 14th   30
15th   5 15th   10 15th   20
16th   4.5 16th   9 16th   18
  17th   8 17th   16
     18th   7 18th   14
  19th   6 19th   12
  20th   5 20th   10
  21st    5 21st   10
  22nd  5  22nd  10
(EX:  In a Full-Field tournament, if you place 3rd gross and 5th net. You would get 85 points for gross and 60 points for your net finish. Totalling 145 points for that tourney.) 

 1st - 1200
 2nd - 1100
 3rd - 1000
 4th - 900
 5th - 700
 6th - 600
 7th - 550
 8th - 500
 9th - 475
 10th - 450
 11th - 425
 12th - 400
 13th - 375
 14th - 350
 15th - 325 
 16th - 300

1st - 2000 
2nd - 1650 
3rd - 1400 
4th - 1200 
5th - 1100 
6th - 1000 
7th - 950 
8th - 900 
 9th - 850
10th - 800 
11th - 725 
12th - 650 
13th - 575 
14th - 500 
15th - 425 
16th - 350 

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