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2006 Kick-Off
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Jim Rubert, Jim Canyon, Steve Sauer, Mike Fraser

Grant Lee, Soo Lee, Clarence, Martin, Elmer Lewis

Don Brosseau, Mark Appel, Jerry Goldstein, John Libby

Huy Dang, Johnny Disco, Roy Andries, Simon Lewis

Allan Lipsky, Bob Scianca, Henry Nissen

Raul Romero, Darrel McHenry, Randall Nimura, Milton Padilla

Patrick Allen, Steve Bloom, Dave Roberts, Jim Gerhardt

Ken Carlson, Jimmy Maeng, Mike Hughes, Stacey Hollman

Don Spuehler, Stephen Tomlin, Will Urie, Craig Pinkes

John Lucas, Wayne Schulze, Victor Lozada, Jim Quinn

Alfonso Molina, Rick Ramirez, Alex Trevino, Victor Rojas

Ahmad Keliddari, Jay Azimzadeh, Paul Stephenson, Tony Jones

Al Garrett, Stephen Peters, Bill Francis

Sholeh Waters, Dan Sniegowski, Ted Johnson, Tom Robinson